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From Merritt Island, Florida - Submitted (12)

I was born March 13, 1991. I had a typical normal childhood. Around the age of 10 I had a fascination for taking pictures. I would use those kodak disposable film cameras and take pictures of everything I could think of. Now that my mind and heart have matured since then I have been able to take my passion of photography and make art. I have more work on a website I use to display my work. http://www.redbubble.com/people/tatersalad84

Photography of course, and building computers is an interest I have come across recently, european automobiles I think they just have good taste and knowledge in the industry. Music is another big interest I might try audio recording and producing.

Aspires to:
After highschool I want to go to college and master in art and business. After that I would love to become a professional photographer. If that doesnt happen I might start a business of some sort and make extra money with photography on the side.

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